Growing up outside of Providence, RI – photography struck me early on in life, taking visual cues from three generations of passionate teachers and artists. Younger me managed to get my hands on my Grandfather’s Pentax cameras before I could even drive, and the art form has followed me since. I have a thing for design, style and composition - and that thing eventually took me through the world of weddings and events, where I’ve had been lucky enough to witness awesome celebrations of life and love. It’s pretty cool.

For me, taking a photo is a lot more than just pressing a button. There’s a story and meaning behind everything that’s in front of the lens. And that’s especially the case for weddings. My approach is influenced by the art of photojournalism - capturing the in-between moments and telling the story of the day through my images in a unique, candid and natural way. I really believe that’s where the best photos come from.

I could go on and on, but let’s talk about you. Tell me your story.
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